Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy is especially helpful for those who are struggling to fit it all in, as it combines all aspects of health including: 

  • Physical Health: Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your brain health and overall well-being; it improves brain function and overall physical health. When you exercise you increase oxygen and blood flow to your brain and your brain releases feel good brain chemicals that help improve mood, focus and ability to cope with stress. Research is also beginning to show that  it can also help heighten self awareness, creativity and productivity. Since exercise improves our brain and our brain is involved in everything we do, it can potentially help us in all areas of our lives!  
  • Psychological Health: Therapy improves emotional and psychological well-being. Therapy has been proven to be a powerfully effective practice for healing and growth; it is a proven intervention for dealing with relationship difficulties, feelings of depression, anxiety, stress and a variety of other psychological conditions. In addition, new research suggests that psychotherapy can positively alter your physical brain. 
  • Social Health: The therapeutic relationship and relationship work you do in therapy can help improve social skills and enhance relationships in your life.
  • Spiritual Health: Research suggests that spending time in nature and fresh air has a positive effect on our overall well-being. It promotes a sense of calm in our brain and body. For some people, spending time in nature helps them feel more connected spiritually. 

When people think of therapy, they often think of sitting in an office on a couch. While sitting on the couch, many clients talk about ways they want to improve their lives, improve their self care, and find balance, but once they walk out the door sometimes find it challenging to take action and fit it all in. In Walk & Talk Therapy, clients have the opportunity to get off the couch, and not only move forward emotionally, but also literally move forward physically!


Is Walk & Talk Therapy Appropriate for Me? 
Our first initial appointment will include an office visit to discuss and evaluate possible concerns and issues that may be more appropriately addressed in the office.  Please consult a physician before beginning Walk & Talk Therapy, as with any exercise program. It is important that you are physically and mentally comfortable in a walk and talk environment. 

What can I expect? 
We will move at your pace; I will not move faster or slower than the pace you set. We can take a break at anytime for any reason you need to. The sessions will be focused on your therapeutic needs just like a traditional office visit. The length of our Walk & Talk session is 50 minutes.

What Happens if the Weather is Bad?
When the weather is not appropriate for a walk we will likely hold the session in my office, over video conference or phone appointment.

What do I wear?
I highly recommend comfortable walking shoes, such as sneakers. For clothing, wear what is most comfortable for you to walk and move around in. While it is rare for us to have extreme weather in sunny California, many people find that layers of clothing are useful especially during the winter season.

What about confidentiality?
Your confidentiality is protected as much as possible, however, it cannot be guaranteed that someone will not overhear or see us. Before we start our walk and talk sessions we will discuss how you would best like to handle these situations. For example, if we do run into someone we know, we can adjust our route as necessary. If I run into someone I know, it is my policy to not introduce clients. I allow my clients to decide for themselves how they would like to handle this situation. Then we will exit the conversation quickly to protect confidentiality. If a client is speaking about a sensitive topic we may decide to briefly take a break in the conversation or lower our voices when walking passed other people, if the clients wishes to do so. 

How do I get started?
Please call or email me to discuss availability as Walk & Talk sessions do fill up quickly. We will meet in the office for the first 1-2 sessions to assess the best options for your needs, as well as complete necessary paperwork and intake information. From there we will schedule a time to meet for our first Walk & Talk session.