Healthy Therapy Solutions for Parents

I understand how difficult it can be to implement healthy habits and effective parenting strategies, especially when families are overwhelmed and exhausted, facing major life stressors, and/or they or their child struggle with ADHD and other brain related disorders. With support and compassion, I respectfully partner with parents to help them come up with an action plan, with doable steps that work for their family so they can reach their goals and raise healthier, happier families.

  • Parenting Challenges
  • Parenting Children, Teens and Young Adults with ADHD and other brain related conditions
  • Parents coping with stressors associated with pregnancy complications, premature birth and child in NICU
  • Parenting Multiples
  • Raising Brain Healthy Families

I am passionate about helping parents raise brain healthy families, because "everything we do affects the brain, and the brain affects everything we do" Daniel Amen, MD. Learning how the brain works can help parents understand why even the best parenting techniques can fail, especially if a parent or their child is struggling with a ADHD or other brain related conditions. 

A healthy brain helps parents to be more mindful, patient, and present.  An unhealthy brain causes parents to be more vulnerable to stress, anger, distractibility and reactivity. It also makes managing parental responsibilities and handling their child’s behavior more difficult. In addition, when a child or teen is struggling with a brain related condition such as ADHD, and/or when they have unhealthy habits (such as not getting enough sleep, eating well, exercise etc.) it can interfere with their ability to develop the necessary skills and self-control required for desirable behavior. So even with the most effective parenting, there can be challenges. I have helped hundreds of parents with these concerns and their goals to be more effective, mindful and healthy in their parenting, and enjoy supporting them in the implementation and follow through of effective parenting strategies and brain healthy lifestyle habits. 

Healthy Therapy Solutions for Teens and Young Adults

Are you trying to get your kids to live a brain healthy life, but they just do not want to hear it from you. Are healthy habits (sleep, exercise, nutrition, limited technology…) a daily battle in your household? Do you want your teen/young adult to take ownership of their health and success? I am here to help!

I can team up with your teen or young adults to help them work on finding their own motivation, defining their sense of purpose, and striving to be the best and healthiest version of themselves.  You can force, bribe, negotiate etc., but like many parents you probably are worrying about what will happen once your teen/young adult is on their own? We want to use this precious time to help your teen and young adult discover that a brain healthy lifestyle is not just something their parents want them to do, but instead it is actually something that will help them achieve the things they want in life!